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Come join our exciting team of law enforcement professionals in and around the Greater Pittsburgh area and experience for yourself how the goals and objectives of NOBLE are committed to empowering youth and supporting our communities at large.

NOBLE bridges the cultural divide within law enforcement agencies so that all law enforcement can be more effective in the community. NOBLE engages youth through face to face interactions and mentoring partnerships, to help reduce youth violence. NOBLE is “Justice by Action”.

We are N.O.B.L.E.

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Hello Associate Members,

I am reaching out to introduce myself to some and reacquaint myself with others. I last served as the National Associate Members Representative from 2003 to 2005. I am most proud of the confidence shown in me by the associate members who attended the Associate Member’s Caucus held during the 32nd Annual Training Conference. The membership voted and elected me as your 2008-2009 National Associate Members’ Representative. Many associate members made the commitment to attend the caucus despite the many options available in the great city of New York. The members of the New York Chapter, Region 1, and the New York City Police Department provided an excellent venue for training and a great time for our NOBLE family and supporters.

I believe whole heartedly in the goals and objectives of NOBLE and at this point in my career I am in a position which will allow me to dedicate the necessary time to serve as your associate member’s representative. The key to achieving respect and recognition as vital members of this organization is work, commitment and communication. I am committed and I plan to work hard to provide information and relay our concerns as associate members to the National Executive Board. I need your commitment and communication to be effective at this. Some issues can be rectified easily with open dialogue at the executive board meetings and other issues will require us, the associate members to prioritize concerns and become united in a common goal to solicit change.

Our National President, Joseph McMillian has already begun the charge for NOBLE to embark upon a positive new journey for change and he has my full support. Please take the time to read his inaugural speech to the membership at NOBLE News Online.

I ask that all of us use our talents and expertise to begin your active role in NOBLE for 2008. If you are not already a member of a local chapter, join the one closest to where you live or work and begin “giving back”. Very soon, regional events for training will be added to our NOBLE calendar, this will be invaluable to all members, particularly when regions join their resources and train together…One Team, One Voice.

Because information sharing is vital to all of us within the criminal justice system, we can begin by creating a basic means for associate members to reach out.  I look forward to sharing more information with members and potential members of NOBLE.

Peace and Blessings.